4 Most Popular Perth Home Renovation Styles

When it comes to undertaking a Perth home renovation, there’s no better place to start than Nexus Homes Group, the local experts in home improvements. There are a number of motives that may lead to a renovation, including: creating space to accommodate a larger family, introducing a new style for aesthetic or functional purposes, and/or to increase the value of a property.

Thankfully, the team at Nexus have an extensive track record of success with home additions in Perth, with projects ranging in a variety of styles, each with varying costs and complexities. To give you a flavour of the breadth of experience the team can bring to the table, we’ve outlined the most popular home renovation styles we’ve undertaken, with a look at some stunning case studies to highlight the differences.

1. Modular Second Storey Additions

When it comes to second storey home additions, homeowners typically scope out the project to potentially months to complete onsite.

Thanks to our modular second storey home addition process, the Nexus team can add a second storey to your home in just a few weeks! This game changing process involves the architectural design and construction of a second storey extension off-site at a specialised facility. Such a facility benefits from the utilisation of especial equipment and manoeuvres that would otherwise be impossible to make use of around a family home.

Once complete, the brand-new home extension will be delivered and expertly fit into your existing home foundation, ensuring all safety and building standards are achieved. The entire project is often completed in a third of the time it would take for an on-site build of the same calibre. This is due to maintaining constant and favourable construction conditions at the building facility.

This process is not exclusive to a second storey home addition in Perth, but also useful for a home extension using vacant land, making it a popular renovation for the team at Nexus.

Browse the full modular second storey addition we delivered for our client in Swanbourne here .

 2. Ground Floor Extensions

Many older houses on large blocks were constructed small to allow for a substantial backyard. This can be great when you first move in, but families grow and lifestyles change, leaving many homeowners crammed in an inadequate space.

Rather than packing your bags and venturing on the arduous task of selling and rebuying – look to Nexus for a professional ground floor home addition!

A home addition in Perth could include the construction of a new bedroom, bathroom, study, gym, theatre, garage, granny-flat or anything else provided you have sufficient land.

Older houses may also be lacking in structural support, which would account for a massive devaluation of the property and pose a safety risk for anyone living in the home. A Nexus Perth home renovation is the perfect solution to address both risks.

Home additions in Perth don’t always involve an entire new room. Many home renovations include an existing room extension or a redeveloped roof line to facilitate an outdoor patio. Where an individual room is lacking in space or functionality, consider an extension and reinvigorate the room however you please! In the same way, a meagre roofline that doesn’t provide any outdoor coverage would be a nuisance if you wanted to entertain outside or store something where it is safe from the sun and rain.

Home addition projects of this nature are certainly a viable option, and Nexus Homes are frequently called upon by Perth homeowners for their project.

An example of a wide variety of ground floor extensions is this Nexus project which added rooms, opened the living area, and created a front patio by altering the roofline. All of this was achieved whilst maintaining the original charm of a cottage home.

Take a look at the full project details for this ground floor extension in  Bayswater  here.

 3. Themed Home Renovations

An outdated house is often the motive for a Perth home renovation by Nexus Homes. The advantage of clearing existing furnishings and upending unfashionable fixtures around the home is that your interior can be redesigned however you please. Most commonly, homeowners opt for a modern fit out or introduce a timeless classic interior design style.

You want your home to reflect your lifestyle and personality, whilst providing the space and functionality that your family requires. This could include subtle touches of traditional culture or a hint of your favourite pastime, anything that you have a passion for!

A Perth home renovation like this could be taken a step further and include an entire makeover of the house exterior. As the frontage of a home is the first thing any guest would see, you may like this to also reflect your cultural heritage. This might be anything from a Greek revival style house with pillars to a modern farmhouse designed frontage.

Alternatively, a homeowner may decide on a private, themed getaway space and only renovate a singular room or construct a backyard oasis to mirror a sense of tranquility. The team at Nexus are the experts to provide a renovation that meets all your specifications.

Perth locals love a holiday getaway, none more so than the tropical paradise of Bali. The unique designs of Bali create a relaxing vibe for many, which is why this homeowner decided on a Balinese-inspired, Perth home renovation by Nexus Homes.

For the full list of images on this Balinese inspired renovation in Cannington, click here

4. Complete Home Renovations

Do you own a second-rate home in a prime Perth location? Consider a complete renovation and home addition in Perth with the help of Nexus Homes Group!

This style of renovation is perfect if you want to avoid the hassle of selling the property and moving somewhere else. A complete home renovation in Perth is the equivalent to receiving a brand-new house, specifically tailored to all your needs. This may include all the previously mentioned styles in one big project: construct a second-storey home addition, extend the ground floor, renovate the interior, and revamp the front yard.

Nexus Homes Group has extensive experience covering all of these Perth home renovations, making them the trusted, go-to experts.

Explore the gallery of imagery of this complete home renovation in Cottesloe here

The Nexus Difference With Perth Home Renovations 

The above variations in renovation styles demonstrate Nexus’ comprehensive experience in Perth home renovations.

We are an industry leader in Perth home additions and renovations of any shape or size, making us the go-to renovation experts. From an initial consultation to project completion, we cater to the requirements of you and your existing home to provide a stunning outcome. So, if you’re planning a future renovation, you can trust the Nexus team regardless of your project style or scope.

For more Perth home additions and renovation ideas, visit our Project Gallery, or Contact Us for a free design consultation.