4 Common Mistakes Homeowners make with Home Extensions in Perth

Since the onset of the pandemic, Australian homeowners have spent more per year on renovations and extensions than any previous year – over $12 billion last year alone! (ABC) As renovations and home extensions in Perth grow in popularity, many homeowners are following this trend without conducting sufficient prior research.

The result? They make an easily avoidable mistake.

In this article, we look at 4 common mistakes made by homeowners when they decide on a home extension in Perth.

Unclear project goals

Like every big decision in life, it’s pivotal to have a clear understanding of the result you want to gain. What goals/objectives should be met if you go ahead?

A home extension in Perth requires definitive goals. The usual objectives are creating more space to accommodate more people, or to increase comfort. You may extend to improve entertaining space, or to enhance visual appearance.

Make sure you record all objectives before or during a consultation with an expert builder. A good home extension company will ensure your goals are front of mind during the design and construction processes.

At Nexus Homes Group, our team will work alongside you through a consultation to create a tailored service that meets your needs. Find out more about our extension process with this article.

Poorly designed extension

A home extension in Perth is an addition to your existing dwelling, which means the design styles need to flow seamlessly. If you were to design a second storey or ground floor extension poorly, you’ll find the new design of the addition doesn’t transition onto the existing interior design, creating an eyesore.

Thankfully, a quality home extension company like Nexus has interior designers and architects present during the design phase. These experts will guide you in making an informed decision when choosing the physical layout of the home addition as well as the visual correspondence with existing infrastructure. Should you like to change the design style of your home during the extension, speak to the team about a renovation in addition to the home extension in Perth.


A seamless modular second storey extension in Nedlands

Forgetting important features

Imagine you’ve just signed off on the construction of your fancy new house extension in Perth, but you’ve forgotten something important! Some people have an extension built and then realise they should’ve had more exterior renovations done, or decide they wanted to widen a room.

Depending on the missed opportunity, you’ll likely need to fork out additional funds to cover the rework, or have the extra work completed as a separate job altogether. Either way, it’s not ideal.

This ties in with having clear goals from the beginning, as covering those will prevent any rework or regret down the track. The experienced Nexus team is well-placed to identify opportunities from every home extension project. Our designers and consultants will provide recommendations early on to help you maximise the projects potential.


complete reno 3

Don’t forget a stylish exterior renovation while extending


Prioritising a low-cost home extension in Perth over high-quality

It’s not unusual for homeowners wanting to get as much as they can for as little as possible. For home extensions in Perth, this isn’t always wise, as a poor-quality builder may lay the foundation for devastating effects later on. When working on something important like your family’s home, you can’t substitute quality.

A house extension in Perth is a delicate task, requiring a vastly experienced team, high-quality materials, an eye for detail, and a heavy customer focus. At Nexus Homes Group, we stress the small details to ensure your expert designed extension is everything you need and more.

The dedicated experts for home extensions in Perth

At Nexus, we pride ourselves in our premium customer service, providing a superior client experience through every process. Whether it’s a full home renovation or a house extension in Perth, we listen to your needs and provide expert advice to create your dream home.

We don’t want to see you make a mistake, so contact us for your home extension in Perth.