Create A Custom Luxury Home With Inspiration From The Mount Pleasant Wonder

custom luxury home

This is one of the most luxurious and modern homes we’ve built, and it was a great accomplishment to achieve the owner’s vision for them. This custom luxury home was created to be energy efficient, technologically advanced and undeniably stylish. The mid-century styled house now sits as an icon in Mount Pleasant and will be for a long time to come.


The Design Brief:

This couple wanted to demolish the existing home and create a custom luxury home inspired by mid-century design. The owner’s brief was to utilise contemporary design and architectural innovations to build a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home that had an abundance of modern luxuries while being energy efficient and stylish.


The Challenge:

Not surprisingly, creating a custom luxury home had its fair share of budget challenges but working closely with the architect throughout the design process allowed us to have more control and is what helped us exceed the owners’ expectations for their dream home.


The End Result:

The result of this new home build was truly spectacular. Both the owners and the team that worked on the custom luxury home were blown away by the result.

The design of the home set a high benchmark, but the Nexus team perfectly executed the owner’s and architect’s vision for a home that would be iconic in Mount Pleasant for decades to come. The stunning use of straight lines and five different types of cladding on the exterior of the luxury house give it layers and add dimension. One of our favourite features is the clever use of space to extend the upstairs living room over the below ground pool, adding an extra space upstairs and creating a “wow factor” for any visitors.

The interior of the custom luxury home includes exposed polished concrete ceilings, double glazing and features stone walls that intersect rooms and hallways. Every room of the home has been designed specifically to give a sense of luxury and mid-century design.

We loved working on this project with the owners and they were so happy with the result they offered to host a cocktail party to showcase their home.


mount pleasant luxury home

Mount Pleasant Project: Mid-Century inspired Custom Luxury Home 


mount pleasant luxury home

Design Highlight: Five types of cladding was used to create layers and dimension.


mount pleasant luxury home

Design Objective: A new custom home with a contemporary interpretation of Mid-century design.


mount pleasant luxury home

Design Highlight: The new home features 3-bathrooms.


mount pleasant luxury home

Design Highlight: The second storey living room is above the underground pool.


Television Feature: Take the tour as “Home In WA” explores this luxury build.

View the entire custom Project in the photo gallery


Use Innovation to Design for the Future

A feature of this luxury home’s design is the owner’s willingness to incorporate the latest technology to create an energy efficient home that still looks stunning. The upstairs rooms are thermally energy efficient due to the use of MasterWall, an energy saving insulating technology.  The exterior facing windows are double glazed, not only for sound protection but for thermal insulation.

Make smart choices when building your new home by incorporating energy-saving technology to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Nexus works with leaders in home technology to deliver innovative homes that supersede our customer’s expectations.


Why Build Instead of Renovate

This project is a great example of making a good choice to demolish and rebuild instead of renovating. Renovating is often a lower cost option but if you want to create a home that is truly unique, the original home may not have the infrastructure to support your vision.

Building a new custom home allows you the freedom to decide on every detail of your house instead of working within the current building’s structure.


If you’ve got a great block of land and want to create a custom luxury home from your architectural and design vision, get in contact with us. Nexus specialises in working with homeowners throughout the whole design and building process to ensure you’re always in the know and get the new home you want.

Our team has worked on a huge variety of house styles from historic to contemporary, and a mixture of both. We love pushing the boundaries to create something truly unique for our customers.


Hope to see you soon!


Matt Keogh

Nexus Homes Group