Get Ready to Entertain Next Festive Season

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It feels like last year passed by in the blink of an eye, and all those plans you had to renovate your outdoor entertainment area just never seemed to eventuate. Fear not!

This is a brand new year, so don’t waste any time if you want to get your house in order for Christmas next year. If you’re looking to re-design your home with the festive season in mind, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Firstly, you’ll need to think about your kitchen, because you’ll no doubt be entertaining up a storm. As anybody will tell you, the kitchen is the heart of any home, so you’ll want to make it as welcoming (and user-friendly) as possible. Many kitchen renovations involve making the space larger, or extending out to incorporate a dining area. If your kitchen is located towards the rear of the house, you might also want to think about redesigning it so that it opens onto an outdoor entertainment area.

Did we mention outdoor entertainment areas?

Ideally, a great alfresco space should flow from the indoors seamlessly, so try to mirror architecture and design style so it feels like a natural extension of the house. Think about using bi-fold doors with big windows to allow all that natural light to come flooding into the house, while at the same time tempting your guests with a birds-eye view of your gorgeous new outdoor area.

So if you’re considering hosting Christmas this year, now’s a great time to get the ball rolling. Nexus Homes is one of the most experienced building companies in Perth, so call us today on 9414 1789 to discuss all your home renovation ideas.

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