Why House Renovations In Perth Are Gaining Popularity

Perth house renovations by Nexus Homes Group

If you’ve been watching the local property market news, you will have noticed a notable surge in house renovations throughout Perth over the last couple of years, and this can be linked to a variety of reasons.

Not only are house renovations an effective way to improve the comfort and functionality of your existing home, they can also breathe new life into a dated properties, add value to your prized asset, and even convert sections of  the home into functional spaces for work and recreation purposes. With demand at an all-time-high, new building processes are emerging and house renovations are also becoming more innovative than ever before.

In this article, we delve into the rising popularity of house renovations among Perth homeowners, whilst exploring some of these efficiency improvements, whilst outlining some key renovation options that will inspire you ahead of a future project.

House Renovations Shine On Perth Screens

Home renovations are certainly not a new concept to Perth homeowners, as an increasing number of home renovation television shows captivate our attention – a notable increase since home improvement shows first debuted on our screens almost half a century ago.

Today, the home makeover niche prevails, bringing Australian TV staples such as The Block and House Rules to our screens each year, while American channel HGTV continues to rack up an impressive list of shows dedicated to the growing phenomenon.

Homeowners Readily Embracing House Renovations

Australians are eagerly jumping on the house renovation bandwagon, with residential building alterations and additions totalling a colossal $973.2 million in November 2021 alone, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Whether it be to increase comfort and enjoyment, expand for a growing family, or adapt to a changing life stage, renovating is the perfect solution to meet new needs and desires. Additionally, house renovations can provide financial benefits such as increased property values or rental returns, enhancing the profitability for investors too.


Falcon house renovation Perth

One of our coastal house renovations in Falcon – more photos available here


Perth homeowners are certainly no exception to the growing investment in renovating their houses, with experts recognising the state industry to be “booming”. Spurred on by lengthy border closures, Perth homeowners are dipping into their savings and instead spending it much closer to home.

In a recent article by Domain which measured the Perth suburbs who invested the most in 2021 renovations, the leading suburbs were Mount Lawley, Inglewood, Mount Hawthorn, Leederville and Fremantle, where refurbishments totalled a combined $39.2 million.

An Opportune Time For House Renovations In Perth

With interest rates at a record low and experts at REIWA tipping property prices to rise by 10% this year, homeowners and property investors are presented with a prime opportunity to renovate.

Financing a renovation that can add substantial value to your property is at its cheapest, with the Reserve Bank of Australia committed to keeping interest rates lower than ever. It’s also a fantastic time to focus on raising your property value and taking advantage of future capital gains ahead of significant housing price rises projected in 2022.

For investors, the high demand and low vacancy nature of the current market also raises a great opportunity to renovate now and boost your property’s appeal to prospective tenants. With borders expected to open in February 2022 and a flood of new tenants entering the Perth market, investors should move quickly with their renovation plans in order to capitalise on the soon-to-expand market.

The Most Popular House Renovation Styles

There are several ways you can restore or transform your existing home into a refreshed or modernised space. Here are some of the most popular house renovation types sweeping Perth homeowners off their feet:

Ground Floor Extensions And Additions

A ground floor extension or addition is a terrific way to expand the footprint of your home, giving it a spacious new feel. Extending your ground floor is popular as it gives you the option to adopt an open floor plan, helping your living space to feel airy and generously sized. It provides the perfect space for entertaining guests while maintaining the privacy of your personal spaces, and allows for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow with your backyard.

Wembley ground floor addition house renovation

One of our ground floor extensions in Wembley – more photos available here

Second Storey Additions

A second storey addition is a perfect solution to accommodating a growing family, with the ability to double your home’s floor space almost instantly. Along with providing a beneficial boost to your resale value with the addition of more living areas, a second storey extension is often embraced as a private space away from shared zones on the ground floor. In addition to creating new and exciting second storey views, your backyard and garden space can also be preserved.

If you’re in the planning stage of a future second storey addition, we highly recommend browsing our blog entitled 5 Tips for Planning Your Second Storey Addition in Perth.


Second storey addition

A Nexus second storey addition in Nedlands – more photos available here

Character Home Renovations And Restorations

Renovating or restoring a character home is an intricate process, which requires attention to maintaining the original features of the build while creating a pleasant and liveable space. Several Perth suburbs, such as Fremantle and Leederville, are home to quirky and historic relics that would be the ideal candidate for a character home renovation.

If you’d like to know more about our process, check out our article Preserving Legacy When Renovating Character Homes

Modular Extensions

Modular extensions are an innovative way to extend your home, minus the hassle that typical renovations bring. A modular extension is a perfect solution to ground floor and second storey extensions alike, ensuring a headache-free renovation process.

Modular or prefabricated extensions are constructed off-site before they are transported and installed, streamlining the construction process by reducing the complications of an on-site build. Along with reducing construction times significantly, choosing a modular extension is far less invasive and allows you to continue living in your own home throughout.

If you’d like to know more about our process, browse our recent article Why Perth Is Embracing Modular Extensions.


Bicton modular extension

One of our modular home extensions in Bicton – more photos available here

Discover The Nexus Difference

Nexus Homes Group is a leading specialist in house renovations in Perth. We understand how important it is to feel supported in bringing your dream home to life, which is why our experienced experts commit to supporting and managing your project from consultation to completion.

We collaborate with an incredible network of builders and suppliers, so we can ensure our projects stay on schedule with little interference from lockdown and supply chain disruptions.

Whether it be a modular extension, second storey addition or an entire internal makeover, here’s what you can expect from the Nexus Difference:

1. Consultation

Our experts will walk you through everything you need to know about renovating with Nexus, listening to your needs and ideas as well as providing expert recommendations on how you can make the most of your renovation within your budget.

2. Design

Our experienced design experts will work alongside you to select the best materials, designs, techniques and elements that will be incorporated in your renovation, creating a design you love.

3. Construction

Your renovation begins, under the capable hands of Perth’s best contractors and the attentive eye of our Nexus experts, while we keep you fully informed throughout the entire process.

4. Completion

We deliver your incredible finished home, and listen to all suggestions you may have to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product.

If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality with a house renovation by the experts at Nexus Homes Group, contact our friendly team today for a free design consultation.