Why A Modular Home Extension Is The Way Of The Future

2nd storey home additions perth

Considering a modular home extension, but dreading the inevitability of your lovely house being turned into a construction site?

Then it might be a good idea to start thinking about hiring a home builder that specialises in high-quality modular housing. Essentially, a modular home extension is a pre-fabricated structure that is built to your specifications off-site, then transported and installed onto your property once it’s been manufactured. Thanks to their eco-friendliness, fast build times and cost effectiveness, modular housing is looking to be the way the Perth housing market is heading.

Make no bones about it, modular homes are extremely fast to construct. Typically, they’re built in about one third of the time it takes to build a standard house extension on-site. This is due to less delays typically associated with on-site builds. Instead, a highly-skilled, dedicated team can work off-site all year-round and transport the modular extension to the site for immediate construction.

Reduce stress with less mess!

Significant home renos can be stressful, and significantly impact your family’s quality of living. Building modular is a great alternative if you’re looking to live through the renovation. This revolutionised construction method minimises dust, amount of construction equipment and the ‘tradie footprint’ that comes with renovating. By choosing to build modular, you also minimise the time you are impacted by renovating your home, ultimately living in your dream homer sooner than you could ever imagine.

This modern technique also allows us to manufacture all building materials to their exact size, saving costs on wasted materials. And with majority of construction taking place off-site, this also means on-site labour costs are reduced. As a result, majority of our modular extensions come in cheaper than a traditional home extension.

Care about the environment? So do we.

Here at Nexus Home Improvements, our modular home extensions are constructed using new lightweight systems. This construction method allows for a greater amount of insulation to be installed between the wall cavities. Your house will stay cool and comfortable all year-round, without the hefty price tag of an air conditioner, reducing the amount of energy (and money) you’ll spend keeping your home warm or cool.

For more information on modular home extensions and two storey additions, call one of the team at Nexus Homes today on 9414 1789.