Practical Things to Remember With Kitchen Renovations

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where birthday cakes are decorated, Sunday morning pancakes are made, Christmas lunch is served and where all the best family gatherings centre around! But what good is a kitchen if it is not practical? When it comes to kitchen renovations, don’t worry too much about the aesthetic, at the expense of functionality.

From the placement of your bin, to the overhang of your breakfast bar, here are some practical things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen.

A Breakfast Bar Overhang

Kitchen islands with bar stools are simply must have items in modern kitchens. These breakfast bars are the perfect way to separate the living area from the kitchen, while maintaining an open living environment. Parents can cook dinner and keep one eye on their kids as they do homework, and friends can sit and have a glass of wine while their hosts cook – something to consider in all kitchen renovations.

Close Dishwasher And Sink Placement

Everyone wants to avoid dripping food and grease on the floor, so its essential to place the dishwasher within arms reach of the sink. That way, when you rinse the excess food off plates, you can place them straight in the dishwasher. It is also important to place the dishwasher by the sink in order to connect the dishwasher plumbing to the drain and taps.

Powerpoints for Modern Kitchen Renovations

Gone are the days of storing your toaster and kettle on the kitchen bench. The trend with kitchen renovations these days is to hide your appliances away in a cupboard. To this end, you need to ensure you plan for electric sockets to be installed inside your cupboards, so your appliances can actually be plugged in.

Adequate Lighting

Consider a combination of ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights and pendant lights in modern kitchen renovations. Downlights provide general lighting in the room and illuminate the entire space. Pendant lights, on the other hand, provide more focused light. If you have benches underneath hanging cupboards, you might also like to consider under-cabinet lights. This will ensure those dark corners will also be illuminated.

Above all, think about where you are going to need light at all hours of the day. Stay up late with friends? Choose dimmable lighting over the dining area. Cook on the island bench? Choose task lighting to shine directly on your prep zone.

If you are considering a kitchen or home renovation in Perth, contact the team at Nexus Home Improvements. We have years of experience in transforming ordinary homes into extraordinary homes and would love to work with you in creating your dream.