Professional Renovation Styling Tips

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There’s no doubt about it – planning modern home improvements for your property is an extremely exciting process. But decorating your newly renovated space is really where the fun begins. Here at Nexus, we’re loving what we’re seeing in the way of interior design style trends for 2017, and here are just a few of our renovation styling favourites.

If you’re thinking about a colour scheme this year, then green is the way to go. With sustainability being a firm design buzzword these days, it was bound to be the natural colour choice. Try introducing hits of green in the way of cushions or design accessories if working with a neutral backdrop, or bring the outdoors inside with deep leafy green plants.

In keeping with the nature theme, interior fabrics are set to be pared-back and eco-friendly this year. Think raw fabrics in natural, earthy colour tones that are big on texture, such as linen, cotton, hemp and wool. If it looks a little shabby-chic and upcycled, even better.

Natural materials are also on-trend, adding warmth and depth to both traditional and contemporary interior spaces. Terracotta in particular is gorgeous when paired with green indoor plant-life, such as cacti or big, leafy tropical plants. Timber floors simply go with everything, and there’s an enormous range of colours to choose from, from ash blonde bamboo to the deep reds of jarrah.

One of our personal favourites this year, pendant lights are looking to replace regular bedside lamps. Not only do they look fantastic, but they free up valuable bedside table space as well.

To view some of our previous projects, we welcome you to visit our gallery page or to browse our company blog for a snapshot at some of our feature renovation styling, as well as tips and tricks to help get you started.

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