Roof Restoration and Asbestos Removal

Nexus offers an integrated asbestos removal and re-roofing service. In the wake of the Perth hail storm and increased concern about safely removing asbestos, we have set up a dedicated team for asbestos roof removals and re-roofs. Asbestos sheeting is coming to an age where it is becoming more brittle and difficult to deal with as the surface breaks down due to weathering becomes more prone to leaking. There are many benefits to upgrading/replacement with new metal roof sheeting and insulation including the health and safety issues.

We have successfully completed many large factories, hotels and office building projects with minimal fuss to the tenant/client. Nexus specialises in ‘live’ buildings where it is not viable for the tenant to shut down for long periods, working over weekends, holidays etc. With asbestos being a hazardous material we carry out a risk assessment and liaise with the client throughout the process. At the completion of the project we give a clearance certificate from an Independent Hygienist if required by the client
Reroofing works do require a registered builder to undertake works and council approval. Our Registration number is (13768) and Nexus Projects can offer a packaged service with the need for sourcing multiple sub-contractors not required.


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