Surviving Your Home Renovation

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There are some things you can do that could save you a lot of headaches, time and money when living through your upcoming home renovation in Perth. We have compiled our top 5 pieces of advice that can help alleviate some of the stress when you choose to leap into your home renovation.

Get out if you can

If you are undergoing a major renovation, then you may have no choice but to relocate while the heart of your home is gutted into a state of domestic disruption. Good alternatives include housesitting, or staying with family – if you can make it work this can alleviate a lot of pressure. If your kitchen is getting renovated, then you may have to allocate another part of the house as a makeshift kitchen area with a microwave, fridge, toaster or common necessities to get you through day-to-day.

Protect against damage

Make sure you protect the areas that you aren’t renovating so they are not exposed to dirt or potential damage. For example, protect your floorboards from getting scratched by covering them or keep your carpets clean by hiding them under plastic sheeting before renovations get underway. Nexus Home Improvements ensure your house is treated with the utmost respect throughout the entire renovation process.

Plan ahead

Make sure that you always set aside extra budget for unexpected costs that may arise. Be as organised as possible and plan ahead – including unforeseen delays that may disrupt your proposed timeline. Stick to your schedule as closely as possible and have a contingency plan for when things don’t go exactly to plan. Make selections early to avoid delays, including lighting, tiling, flooring, counter-tops, windows and other features that will all need to be accounted for in your budget. Nexus understand the frustration that comes with unforeseen circumstances, and endeavor to get the job on time within budget.

Work with professionals

Building with the right team is one of the most important considerations when undertaking your renovation project. Make sure that you work with trusted, registered professionals who you can rely on without having to micromanage them – this will make or break your project.

If you are thinking of completing renovations in Perth, then contact our experienced team to get an obligation-free quote. Our modern building techniques allow us to finish most renovations quicker than our competitors, making us an ideal solution if you are looking to improve your lifestyle with a high-quality renovation and guaranteed piece of mind.