The Design Appointment

2nd storey home additions perth

Making the decision to renovate or extend your home can be a very exciting time. There’s the architectural and design layouts to consider, what type of rooms you wish to have added and, of course, the fun of shopping for new furniture. For all these elements to come seamlessly together, however, it requires good planning from the outset. That includes being fully prepared for that all-important appointment with your building design team. In order to achieve your goals, we have put together a few pointers on how to get it right, the first time.

Research, Research, Research

Did we mention research? It is key that you have a clear notion of what it is you want, and that you are able to successfully convey your vision to the design team. For inspiration, page through home design magazines and clip out the photos that really strike a chord with you. Browse home-ware stores, friends’ houses and display homes for styling ideas. Let Google be your guide and check out the latest trends and colour schemes happening both locally and abroad. Allow your imagination to run wild. If styling isn’t your strongest suit, perhaps think about employing the services of an interior designer to set you on your way. However you choose to do it, it’s important that you come to the table with something for your designers to work with.

Wish List

Aesthetics are not the only part of a design brief. Functionality is as equally important, if not more so. Be sure to come to your meeting armed with what’s important to you. For example, what will the home renovation be for? How many people will be using the new space at any one time? Do you want the addition or extension to include an entertainment area and, if so, for how many people? You get the idea. Not to mention your thoughts on lighting, fittings, safety or disability modifications, and any additional extras such as a fireplace.

Money Matters

Once you have a firm idea of what you’d like to have done, it’s time to give your finances a thorough going-over. You will have to decide how far your money can stretch, whether it is for a straightforward bathroom remodel or a second storey addition. Will you being paying for the renovation outright, or will you be acquiring a bank loan? If it is a loan, how much can you afford to borrow? If your dream and the reality differ too wildly from one another, then perhaps it is time to scale down a little on your expectations. This can include choosing more affordable fittings, reducing room sizes, or replacing fewer appliances and furniture than you had originally intended.

Here at Nexus, we have over twenty years of building renovations experience, from small-scale ground extensions to fully-customised second storey additions. For a free design appointment, contact one of our design team today on 9414 1789 or via our contact us form.

To view some of our previous projects, we welcome you to visit our gallery page or to browse our company blog for a snapshot at some of our feature renovation styling, as well as tips and tricks to help get you started.