Walk Into Luxury

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Are you looking at renovating your master bedroom, or adding in a second storey to include a new primary bedroom and ensuite? You might already have it all planned out: lots of space for the bedroom itself, a sprawling ensuite with a claw bath, a spot in the bedroom for your new throw rug. But, what about the wardrobe? Don’t just leave it as an afterthought.

Installing a walk in wardrobe is an absolute must for those renovating or adding on to a master bedroom. It’s that little touch of luxury that will make all the difference to your bedroom – and your clothes! You have probably seen them in movies: big walk in wardrobes, perhaps a his and hers on each side of the room, with suits lining one side and dresses lining the other. They might have seemed unattainable – but take it from us, walk in wardrobes are not only accessible, they will be the perfect addition to your home.

Walk in wardrobes can be relatively compact for those who don’t have too much space to work with, or they can be the size of a second bedroom; why not incorporate a dressing table and a plush armchair to match? More and more homeowners are adding walk in wardrobes to their home plans due to their luxurious feel, the added space they provide, and of course, the value they add to the home itself. They are sought after and far more accessible than you may think – why not get in touch today and ask us how you can add one to your master bedroom?