Our Latest Coastal Home Renovation

Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group


One of the many benefits of living in Western Australia is our ability to live in scenic locations along our pristine coastline. So when we get the opportunity to work on a coastal home renovation with sweeping views of the ocean, we always welcome the challenge of helping families get the most out of their home.

Take a look below for an overview of our latest home renovation project which helped breathe new life into this coastal Falcon property in Mandurah’s southern suburbs.


The Design Brief:

When we were first asked out to the property to discuss the client’s brief, the family were very clear on wanting to bring some glamour back to their beach side Falcon residence.

The property itself had a dated visual aesthetic which was in desperate need of some new materials, design techniques and landscaping to help introduce a contemporary, modern twist on a classic home.

As it was a family property, our brief included introducing materials that were tailored specifically to the needs of the family, with a blend of comfort, style and functionality to ensure the home delivered on all fronts without sacrificing on space, quality and accessibility.


The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges for us to consider for this project was the fact that the property was located so close to the ocean, which in turn dictated the type of materials we used.

Properties situated within close proximity to the coastline, rivers or any bodies of water often suffer from an increased level of degradation, rusting and wear and tear due to the effects of salt, weather and exposure to the elements.

This was evident when we first visited the property and part of our brief was to help reinvigorate the property with a fresh new look that could withstand the coastal conditions.

As a result, we delivered an extensive renovation that addressed both internal and external areas without needing to completely rebuild the home from scratch.


The End Result:

We introduced a series of modern materials, architectural styles and contemporary finishes which have all helped to reinvigorate this weather beaten coastal property into a fresh, new and contemporary finished product.

Some of these included natural stone and American Oak flooring throughout the inside of the property, which extended outside with our use of Scyon Linea Weatherboard and exposed aggregate on the external paths and driveways to introduce vibrancy into the property.

One of our favourite features in this Falcon home renovation project was the natural hand laid stone around the retaining walls, as well as the central fireplace and chimney which helped complement the living room with a stylish, high end finish.

The client was thrilled with their home renovation and have been enjoying their property now more than ever. Our renovations experts worked closely with the family to ensure all aspects of the brief were met and all updates to the property were made using the right materials and design techniques to ensure the longevity of the project for many years to come.

 Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes GroupWe set out to reinvigorate this tired coastal property with a fresh, contemporary new look.  
Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

Modern materials and strategic design techniques helped to create a brand new look for this Falcon home renovation.


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

The original property was in need of an update to bring it to life.  


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

A stunning new exterior using Scyon Linea Weatherboard and exposed aggregate.


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

The panoramic views in the free-flowing living room are hard to beat. 


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

American Oak flooring with loads of natural light in the kitchen area. 


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

Natural hand laid stone around the spectacular fireplace and central  chimney. 


Falcon Home Renovation by Nexus Homes Group

A fresh, modern finish to the bedrooms with scenic coastal views.


The team at Nexus Homes Group were thrilled to deliver this coastal renovation project for our clients, helping them now get the most out of their Falcon property.

We are big fans of the natural hand laid stone used around the retaining walls and fire place, as well as the American Oak floorboards which really help to add a fresh, contemporary look throughout the family home.

We were also pleased to help improve the frontage of the property through landscaping and introducing modern materials to complement the stunning ocean views from the front yard.

View the entire custom Project in the photo gallery


Considering A Home Renovation?

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