Home Additions to Accommodate your Growing Family

2nd storey additions perth

Home additions are a great way to accommodate your growing family and improving their lifestyle by increasing the size of your home and making it more comfortable and habitable. This means you can transform an old, tired-looking house into the home of your dreams customised to your needs and preferences, in the neighbourhood that you have grown to love living in. When done correctly, this can also increase the value of your home. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can improve family life through renovations and home additions in Perth.

Remodeling your kitchen:

Your kitchen is the central hub of your home, and usually kitchens only get redone every 15 years, so no other room can compare in terms of family time spent preparing meals to be shared together. The secret to adding value through remodeling your current kitchen is to make it appear larger and more substantial by increasing its bulk and scale. Go for a modern and timeless style that won’t date and install energy-saving appliances that are placed well within the price bracket of your current market.

Bathroom renovation:

Your bathroom is the second most important room, and having enough bathrooms in the home is essential to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Teenage girls love to have their own bathroom to get ready in, and as they get older they tend to spend a lot of time there! You should always try to have a bathroom located on the same level and in close proximity to the bedrooms.

Adding a bedroom:

If space permits, adding an extra bedroom is a great value-add that will keep family members happy providing them personal space. As children grow up, sharing a bedroom may no longer be a sustainable option. The value of a property is usually calculated based upon the land size and number of bedrooms. While you can’t change the size of the land, renovating allows you to increase the number of bedrooms. If you decide to add an extra bedroom to your home, it’s important not to decrease the quality of important areas such as your living room.


Outdoor entertaining area for your family:

Australians love to entertain and throw barbecues and pool parties, so adding an outdoor entertaining area that can be used all year round is a great way to improve your family’s lifestyle. These days, an outdoor entertaining area is no longer a badly-planned extension that simply gets plonked onto the back of a home.

Outdoor entertaining areas should lead off the indoor living areas and create social hubs that promote relaxation and foster positive relationships between friends and family. They add a lot of value thanks to the emotional bond associated with these areas.

Whether you are looking at increasing your family’s living capacity through home additions or second storey additions in Perth, our friendly and experienced team can recommend the perfect solution to suit your individual requirements. Call us on (08) 9414 1789 to find out how we can provide time and cost effective alternatives to moving, and bring your dream home to you!