3 Innovative Modular Home Extension Ideas Perth

If you’re looking for modular home extension ideas, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ve curated a collection of real-life examples of how modular extensions have been used to expand and add style to Perth homes. These projects truly demonstrate the incredible versatility that a modular home extension can offer.

We hope these ideas will provide inspiration for your upcoming home extension project.

Let’s dive in and discover the possibilities!

1.     Modernising Your Home

Every renovation project is an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into your home’s style and ambience. Adding an extension is a prime opportunity to update the style of your home.

These innovative modular home additions offer a versatile solution to completely transform the aesthetic appearance of your living space, infusing it with a modern and contemporary vibe.

The following properties can help you get an idea of how you can modernise your home with a modular home extension.

Modular Second Storey Extension, Beaconsfield

Isn’t it amazing how much a modular home extension can freshen up the look of a home?

This Beaconsfield home had a second-storey modular extension added, and it has completely transformed the style of the home. This idea of just adding a modern second level to your home with a modular home is incredibly simple and yet incredibly effective.

Modular Extension and Onsite Renovation, Como

This Como property had a little help from onsite renovations, but even so, the difference the modular extension has made is truly spectacular.

If a renovation is something you’ve been considering, doing it around the same time as installing a modular home extension can be a great way to make sure you achieve your desired look.

Make sure to check out our home renovations if you’re interested in giving your home a makeover. The Nexus Homes Group team can help you install your modular home extension and get your renovations done in one go.

2.     Integrating With Your Current Style

There’s nothing wrong with liking the style of your home exactly the way it is now. This is why Nexus Homes Group can also design a modular home extension to match with your existing style.

Modular Second Storey Extension, South Fremantle

Unlike our previous examples where the modular extensions have had a distinct modern minimalistic aesthetic, the modular home extension in this South Fremantle home has taken a totally different approach.

Every detail, from the sandstone colour to the black window trimmings and support columns, was thoughtfully designed to ensure seamless integration with the existing home.

3.     Modular Home Extensions for Character Homes

Who says you can’t build a traditional-looking modular addition?

These two cottage-style homes had a new modular second-storey extension that kept perfectly in style with the older home design, terracotta bricks and all!

This is an excellent showcase of just how versatile modular home extensions can be.

Nedlands Modular Addition and Ground Floor Renovation

Second Storey Modular Addition & Carport, Mount Hawthorn

Get Inspired for Your Modular Home Extension

Our gallery features a diverse range of modular home extension projects that can provide you with ample inspiration. Take your time to explore the entire slideshow of images, and you’ll see how these extensions have been thoughtfully applied both inside and outside of the homes. From interior design to exterior integration, these images showcase the practical and aesthetic possibilities of modular home extensions.

We invite you to browse through the gallery and gather ideas for your own project.

Why Modular Home Extensions?

Whether you want to add a second storey or extend the ground floor of your house, modular home extensions are worth considering.

Compared to traditional construction methods, modular extensions can potentially reduce construction time by up to 75%. While the off-site building process may take a few months, the on-site installation typically only requires a matter of weeks.

Modular home extensions also often turn out to be the more budget-friendly option. By leveraging fixed costs and timeframes, the risk of exceeding budgets or deviating from schedules is also significantly reduced.

Learn more about our modular home extensions.

Want Help With Your Modular Home Extension Project in Perth?

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