Planning a Home Renovation- 3 Easy Steps

2nd storey home additions perth

Planning a renovation but not sure where to start?

At first, home improvements may seem daunting, however, some careful planning will certainly pay off in the long run. These three easy steps will ensure you make the most of opportunities presented, and complete your renovations on time and on budget!


First and foremost, decide what you are trying to achieve and what you can and can’t spend. Are you expanding to a two-storey home? Or renovating a small cottage into your dream home? From here develop a design concept, which will provide you with a breakdown of components and accurate cost estimate/completion date for each area. Remember, it is critical to highlight your budget in the brief.
Home renovations in Perth can be costly, so do your homework to ensure you finance the project in the most cost-effective way.

Choose Your Builder

Most buyers do not put enough consideration into choosing the right builder or designer, but the old adage always rings true, “choose your builder before you choose your home.” The benefits of choosing a builder who also designs and constructs also helps projects come in on time and streamlines the administrative and building process.


When it comes to the aesthetic components of your renovation, gathering images and examples will help create inspiration and highlights the trends and styles which appeal to you. This will enable the designer to align with your personal preferences, and ensure your vision comes to life.

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