The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Living

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A state-of-the-art outdoor living area paired with perfect Aussie weather is a winning combination for any Home.

One of the smartest and most rewarding investments to consider as a homeowner is an outdoor living space. 

Australia may be known for its sunny weather, but many people believe Perth gets the best of it. Summer in Perth is pretty special— Poolside days and balmy nights, spectacular Summer sunsets and breathtaking beaches. But it’s also the time of year for entertaining, catching up with friends and spending time with the family. 

Whether it’s a glass of wine on your patio, a laid-back barbie’ or a dazzling outdoor dinner party, nothing is better than spending a gorgeous summer night in a state-of-the-art outdoor living area. That’s why it makes sense to have an outdoor space that allows you to make the most of the great weather. 

Renovating, extending or designing a new outdoor living area could be the perfect home improvement project for you— it’ll add a touch of paradise to your Perth home. 


If you’re starting from scratch or re-designing, all outdoor renovations find balance between orientation and layout. On the design side of things, outdoor areas are super versatile – you’re able to blend beauty with functionality and bring the space to life with your own personal touch. 

Most outdoor areas are generously flexible with how they’re designed and laid out, which also means they’re flexible with your budget and lifestyle. No matter what sort of outdoor space you have (or don’t have), the important thing to remember is that renovating outdoor areas is about optimising and enhancing. 

So don’t worry if you have little to work with, outdoor areas permit creativity and versatility, providing an infinite number of ways to make improvements to your modern Perth home. 


An attractive outdoor area is always a key aspect potential buyers are looking for.

But for potential renovators, it’s surprisingly common to overlook the possibility of extending your indoor area outside. 

By extending indoors-out, you can create a stunning space that seamlessly flows from indoors to the outdoors. An outdoor extension will make it feel like your home has more usable space and it is absolutely perfect for any entertaining occasion. 

Not only could an outdoor extension enhance your lifestyle, but it’s a foolproof and creative way to enhance the value of your property, too.


From amazing alfresco areas to petite patios, or even big backyards— designing your outdoor area is where the magic starts to happen. An impeccably built and visually stunning outdoor area will do a lot more than enhance the value of your property. 

If you have a family, why not make the memories you’ll make in your home even more special. An outdoor area could allow you to create a home-made outdoor cinema for the kids or provide them (and even a pet dog or cat) with an outdoor playing area. 

Imagine the great outdoors surrounding you as you serve Christmas lunch to your loved ones in a state-of-the-art alfresco or patio area. Or maybe you’re a new homebuyer who can’t wait to entertain your close friends with a candle-lit dinner party on a warm Summer night. You can easily bring a bit of Paradise to your Perth home with an outdoor home renovations project. 

When it comes to outdoor renovations, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities it gives you to entertain are infinite. Enhance your lifestyle— Not just the value of your property.

Get in touch with Nexus today and see how we can turn your outdoor space inside-out. Our team of professionals guarantee an impeccably built outdoor area that has been optimised to strike the perfect balance between orientation and layout. 

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