Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Perth Renovations Company

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Whether or not you are considering an extension, second-storey addition or a fresh renovation to breathe new life into your home or property, taking the first steps towards choosing the perfect Perth renovations company can be a tricky process.

The Perth property market is currently experiencing a surge in home renovation enquiries, due in part to the most recent Federal and State government stimulus packages. Designed to reinvigorate the industry, these financial support packages, coupled with the fact that it has never been a cheaper time to borrow money, have contributed to making it a prime time for home renovations in Perth.

Shortlisting potential candidates can be time consuming and convoluted, however the more due diligence you do up front, the more you are safeguarding your future investment, whilst also reducing the risk of partnering with the wrong company.

There is a lot to consider, so to help speed up the process, we’ve put together the following list of top tips for helping you select the perfect Perth renovations partner for your upcoming project.


Start By Asking Yourself – What Do I Want To Achieve?

Before beginning the process of speaking with a list of Perth renovation companies, it’s a good idea to start with creating a brief of what you want from your future project. The most obvious place to start is on the type of renovation you wish to achieve, your budget, the time frames you are ideally wanting to work towards, materials you like, colour preferences and even inspiration you’ve seen elsewhere which may influence some of the design styles.

You can also create a list of questions that are important to your purchase decision, which you can use as a script when talking with companies over the phone, email or in person. Perhaps even create a checklist of non-negotiables, as well as a “nice to have” list of criteria to work off. This will help ensure you have all the relevant information ahead of speaking with candidates and will help speed up the process of obtaining initial quotes.

Just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and just 13 hours to build a Toyota, so if you want the Rolls-Royce treatment, be prepared to set a budget and a timeline for this.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to begin your quest to find your perfect fit for a home renovations company that will deliver a quality outcome, on time, within budget and to a standard that leaves you overwhelming satisfied with your investment.


Perth renovations company plans


Don’t Make Price Your Only Determining Factor

Price is always a major factor when shortlisting a potential Perth renovations company, however it shouldn’t be the main factor when determining your final selection. There will always be a certain amount of differentiation between quotes, however there should only be variations of a few thousand dollars for quotes, not tens of thousands, so it’s a good idea to source multiple quotes to find the financial “sweet spot”. This will help you to shortlist further and will be a good indicator of quality.

Any quotes outside of average prices should initially be regarded as a red flag, or at least lead to a conversation around why their price is particularly different. With the introduction of several government and state stimulus packages, it’s never been a more affordable time to renovate so take this into account when shortlisting quotes, as these support packages will give you more buying power than ever before.


Let Their Website Gallery Do The Talking

One of the most popular places to start your research phase will be through a Google search of potential suppliers to get a feel for what companies are out there. When you stumble across a potential fit, take a look at the quality of their website as a good indicator of quality, service, experience and points of difference.

Check how often the company uploads their previous Perth renovations. See if they have a blog that provides useful insight into their process or industry trends. Do they have videos to watch for a snapshot look into some of their past renovations, and always check for customer reviews. The gallery section of the website should also provide a taste of things to come, so if the images are high quality and you’re impressed with the breadth and quality of the work, it’s a great start.

In a recent Houzz article, a spokesperson from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) recently commented on the importance of websites during the research phase by claiming, “When you’re on a builder’s website, look closely at the quality of the homes they have built – from design and construction to the finishing touches.”


Project Gallery Page For Nexus
A sample of projects from the Nexus Gallery


Request Referrals Or Suggestions Within Your Networks

Word of mouth advertising is still one of the most effective forms of business networking, and can often save you a heap of time when in the research phase. Sure, you can head to Google to search for companies, however there is nothing quite like the referral from a friend, colleague or family who has recently completed a home renovation and can provide an insight into the process.

It is also a good idea to reach out to industry experts such as architects and drafts people, as they will also have recommendations based on companies they may have previously worked with. Referrals provide useful perspective on how flexible companies are, their quality and standards, as well as how personable they are to work with – all critical elements to consider ahead of undertaking a lengthy Perth renovations project.


Analyse Online Reviews & Customer Feedback

Given the digital world we now live in, a trip to Google to check for reviews should always be a standard process. Whilst not all Perth renovations companies will have a large digital presence (some may not even have a website), an online footprint is a good early indicator of the quality, experience and the stability of renovations companies.

Google Reviews are a great source of understanding the types of projects the company has delivered, as well as their processes, management style and of course their results. If there are negative comments, see if the company has responded and addressed the concerns, as this is a great indication of how the company handles and prioritises customer service.

There are also other sources of analysing customer feedback, including Facebook reviews, social media groups and other property websites such as Houzz. Companies will always showcase positive news on their website, but online reviews provide a realistic snapshot of what to expect if you engage a specific Perth renovations company. Take into account the star ratings and comments, as well as the number of reviews gained -the more reviews the better!


Perth renovations company Nexus' positive Google review
A recent Google Review from a happy Nexus customer


Request References Or Have A Chat With Current Clients

Online reviews are great, however sometimes it’s best to have a chat with an actual person to gauge feedback. One way of doing this is by asking potential Perth renovations companies for contact details of clients with active projects in progress so you can get feedback from a real-life scenario. Not every company will be open to sharing customer information, however it’s worth asking the question. Companies who are willing to be open and transparent about their customer data are often the ones with a strong level of customer satisfaction and will be only to happy to share this information with you.

Renovations projects inevitably have things that don’t always go to plan, so speaking with current customers can offer an insight into how the company handles these challenges, whilst showcasing how flexible and easy they are to work with, especially during tricky periods of project.

This is particularly pertinent ahead of any project, as any sizeable renovation can cost thousands and take up weeks (even months) worth of time, so it’s essential to partner with a company that will make this process as smooth and effortless as possible.


Ask About Trade & Contractor Networks

It is always a good idea to partner with a Perth renovations expert who employs a number of full-time trades and only works with a limited number of sub-contractors. This will help firm up working capacity and help fast track schedules and can be the difference between a job taking weeks versus months.

Ask the company about their access to materials and supplies to get a feel for how connected their networks are as this will reduce your risk of materials shortages that can often lead to lengthy delays, blowing out project schedules. You may even wish to ask the company to speak with one of their subbies to gauge the feel of the supplier relationship.

 Tradie working with a drill


Confirm Due Diligence With Insurance & Warranties

Due diligence and protection should be an essential part of your selection criteria when choosing the perfect Perth renovations company. Asking key questions up front will ensure full transparency before undertaking any projects, and will be a clear indicator of the professionalism and quality to expect from the supplier. For example, you can ask questions like;

  • Do we require any permits, and if so how much are these likely to cost?
  • What warranty or warranties do you provide in your renovations?
  • Does the company have its own insurance including a general liability policy?
  • Are you licensed for the variable types of services you provide?


See How Engaged The Director Is

Always choose a building company where the Director or Owner is actively engaged in the projects as this will help guarantee the quality of your outcome. Having the head of the company involved in your project will also ensure that budgets, schedules and timelines are carefully adhered to and all staff members involved in your project are pulling their weight. Owners are always motivated to ensure customers are given the very best service during projects, with the ability to also make quick decisions and recommendations during key milestones.

Some good early questions to ask directors when in the research phase include:

  • What has been your most challenging renovation to date?
  • How flexible is the company when adapting to challenges during projects?
  • What are the most popular renovations trends or materials at the moment?
  • How many jobs does the company current have in the pipeline?
  • Will I work with yourself (the Director) as the lead contact for my project?

Vic Park Modular Update From Matt at Nexus
Director Matt Keogh gives us a quick update from the Nexus Yard



In Summary

These are just some of the criteria to fast track your early research phase to pinpoint the most likely candidates. With such an array of suppliers in the marketplace, ensuring your boxes are ticked in the outset, will help you decipher which criteria are most important to you when making a final selection on the perfect Perth renovations company for your upcoming project.

Be sure to ask about the company’s pipeline given the recent influx of renovations demand, and try to establish an early relationship with your top candidate as you will most likely be about to embark on a project that could take weeks or months from start to completion. Trust, communication and flexibility are all important general factors, but be clear in your criteria as to which other factors are essential in helping you get the result you’re after.


Considering A Perth Renovations Project?

Here at Nexus Homes Group, we pride ourselves on our quality Perth renovation standards, exceptional customer service and flexible approach to building techniques. These all work towards ensuring our customers have a smooth and easy process, with our priority to either meet or exceed your expectations with outcomes that leave customers extremely satisfied with their investment.

If you would like to make us one of your quotes for an upcoming project, we welcome you to request a quote from our friendly team today.