Creating The Perfect Parents Retreat

Creating the perfect parents' retreat - perth renovations

Whether you are considering extending up or out, you can create a tranquil, stylish and (most importantly) grown-up haven in your home. Here’s an expert’s advice on how to go about the process of designing your perfect parents retreat.

1.    Rediscover Your Personal Style

It never really was little plastic table and chairs in the lounge and lego on the floor, was it? Think back to those carefree pre-kid days and what comes to mind as your favourite pieces and features of your home then. Make sure to incorporate some of these things for nostalgia and as a nod to your old self.

If the originals are outdated, give them a make-over to update them – or better yet, incorporate a modernised version that fits with today’s aesthetic.

Parents retreat perth styling ideas

2.  Luxury Parents Retreat

A Parents Retreat is meant to be just that – somewhere you can retreat to and feel relaxed and at home. Now is not the time to cut corners and compromise.

Ensure you include the features that will make you happy. Use colours and decor that relax you. Choose furnishings that have a quality finish. It’s OK to bargain shop to find them – just make sure you are loving every piece that goes into your retreat. The only problem then will be coaxing you out!

Parents retreat building renovation perth

One of our favourite parents retreats to create was through a second storey modular addition for this Mt Hawthorn home, which was completed in just 6 weeks!

3.   Parents Retreat, The Walk-In Dream!

Whether it is a full dressing room or simply an efficient use of a small area, there are many clever designs available to maximise the use of space.

A beautiful and functional walk-in-robe can make all the difference to keeping your space organised and neat. It can save you time getting ready every day and save you arguments over closet-space!

Such is the power of the walk-in-robe it can turn an ordinary master bedroom into an extraordinary one and add further value to your home.

Parents retreat walk-in robes

4.    Outdoor Parents Retreat

Design-wise consider how to extend your space further by bringing the outdoors-in. Create a bridge with space and/or décor to connect the indoors with outdoors and your parent’s retreat will give the impression of being even bigger.

Parents retreat balcony setting

When building a second storey addition or home extension, it is important to remember how the outdoor space fits into your plans. You may want to have a separate entrance to your parents retreat or a private garden area. If building up, you will want to consider a private balcony area where you can enjoy a quiet break away from the kids.

Parents retreat luxury bathroom renovation

5.   Parents Retreat Bathroom

Your ensuite is going to be an important part of your parents retreat. No matter how big or small, it is important to create a space that pleases you. Remember, this is your bathroom – with a strict ‘No Kids Allowed’ policy! Enjoy the clean lines and stylish accessories. Make it a place that you will enjoy bathing and pampering yourself in. You deserve it!


If you feel inspired by any of these ideas, or have your own thoughts on creating a dream parents retreat in your own home, contact us today to learn how we can help you craft your very own slice of heaven.