Home Extensions – Extend Your 3 x 1 & Improve Your Lifestyle

home improvements perth

As a result of rising house prices, home extensions and second storey additions are becoming more and more common. This is mainly because a home extension allows you to improve your lifestyle without the hassle and costs associated with buying a new home.

For many, their 3 by 1 may have been perfect for their requirements when they first purchased it, but now a young or extended family is slowly growing and the home is becoming more and more crowded. It’s here that a second storey addition can be useful, adding up to three more bedrooms and a bathroom or two.

Conversely, you may want to entertain visitors more – this is where an extension on the ground floor can become a beautiful family room and integrated into an alfresco living area. The great thing about alfresco areas is that they increase the effective space of one’s home whilst still leaving a large backyard.

Or, perhaps you simply just want more space? This is a common reason behind the growth of house extensions in Perth, where a lot of homeowners are deciding to add a family room and an extra guestroom.

Here at Nexus Home Group we are the renovation specialists and boast some of the best home renovation builders in Perth. From extra bedrooms to a full multi-level extension and makeover, our modern building techniques allow us to finish most renovations quicker than our competitors, making us an ideal solution for homeowners looking to extend. Give us a call on (08) 9414 1789 to find out how we can help improve your lifestyle with high quality renovation.