Going Modular in Second Storey Extensions in Perth

Going Modular in Second Storey Extensions in Perth

Whether it’s a growing family or simply a desire for more space, Perth households are increasingly turning to second storey extensions to transform their home.

Expanding your existing home by adding a modular second storey extension is a hassle-free and efficient option for homeowners wishing to avoid the lengthy and disruptive process of traditional builds.

In this article, we will outlined some of the processes and key benefits of this increasingly popular construction style, with a particular focus on efficiency and convenience.


The Nexus Second Storey Extension Process

At Nexus Homes Group, we’re the Perth specialists in creating customisable, architecturally designed second storey extensions that flow seamlessly with your existing home. A modular, or prefabricated home extension, is constructed off-site then transported and professionally installed by Nexus experts.

If you’re wondering what the process looks like, here is an overview of what to expect.

Consultation and Design

Our process is simple, beginning with a comprehensive consultation and design phase with our team members. We work alongside you to create an innovative design that complements your existing build, tailoring the final result to your exact needs so that your second storey dreams can become a reality. The consultation and design phase is perhaps the most crucial part of the process, when our architects work with your to understand your vision and customise the build completely to your needs.

Our Director, Matt Keogh, is also personally involved in all of our projects, so you can be sure you’ll get the very best service from the owner of the business.

Off-site Construction

The construction phase is completed off-site at our Cockburn facility, allowing us to work in favourable, weather-controlled conditions that are sometimes a rarity in on-site builds. As we’re currently seeing construction times blow out amongst the renovation industry, going modular can help homeowners avoid the wait thanks to improved efficiencies.

Specialised tools and equipment help to slash construction times down to only a third of the typical on-site build time, and time is often one of the biggest challenges of any renovation project. The off-site nature of construction minimises the disruption to your home, meaning you can get on with your everyday life without ever reaching into your pockets for the dreaded hotel move.

Expert Transport and Installation

With the majority of construction completed off-site, your module will be reliably transported to the site ready for installation. Our experienced installation professionals will then install your second storey extension with care, ensuring all building standards are upheld.

As your modular extension is prefabricated, the installation phase requires less hands-on time from our installation professionals, which in turn simplifies the project and reduces risk.

modular extensions perth

One of our modular second storey additions in Victoria Park – more photos available here


Why Second Storey Extensions Are Popular In Perth

With an array of advantages over traditional construction methods, it’s easy to see why more Perth households are opting for modular construction projects wherever possible – and we’ve outlined some of the most common advantages below.

Streamlined Construction

In today’s fast-paced society, time is everything, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on your schedule when adding that second storey you’ve been dreaming of. Nexus Homes Group’s modular extension process streamlines construction times by completing the build off-site with only minimal time on-site for installation.

Reduced Costs

Perth families choosing Nexus for their modular second storey extensions are finding it more affordable thanks to the cost-savvy modular method. The speedy delivery times, combined with the simplicity of constructing a second storey from the ground, whilst using specialised tools that would otherwise be inaccessible, means Nexus can deliver homeowners more bang for their buck.

Without having to vacate your home, you can also save costs that would otherwise be reserved for moving your family elsewhere during a typical construction period – for example taking a staycation during your renovations.

Less Disruptive

Renovations can be a pain when your home becomes a revolving door of tradies, but a modular second storey extension drastically reduces this level of inconvenience . A modular build requires less hands-on work to be carried out on-site, meaning you won’t have to compromise on your privacy or your busy schedule.

Fewer Weather Delays

Weather can be a tradie’s worst enemy when working on an active job site, but this isn’t a worry for Nexus when it comes to our modular second storey builds. The controlled factory conditions where our modular builds are constructed are fully protected from the elements, which leads to projects being delivered in only a third of the time of a standard on-site build.

Adaptable Designs

With large blocks out of reach for many Perth families, particularly in sought-after areas, many are choosing to build up instead of out. A second storey extension is a perfect solution to gaining that extra bit of space and still keeping the backyard space the people of Perth love. Our modular second storey extensions are also carefully designed to blend seamlessly with the original build, removing mismatch worries for homeowners.


Here’s what our Director, Matt Keogh, had to say about the increasing demands for modular renovations:

“If you provide a homeowner with the option of having their renovation completed faster, more efficiently, and hence more affordably, with more contingency up your sleeve – it becomes an easy decision to run with a modular build.

We initially pioneered this style of construction when we first started at Nexus, and now it’s the method of choice for Perth households and is showing no signs of slowing down.'”

– Matt Keogh (Director | Nexus Homes Group)


Considering A Second Storey Extension In Perth?

As you’ve seen above, modular construction provides a host of advantages to renovators looking for a more efficient project, which is why Perth households are increasingly opting for this approach. If you are currently in the planning phase for a future project, why not consider going with a modular construction process.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about an upcoming renovation, or want more information on our modular projects, we welcome you to book a free design consultation with our Director (Matt) to discuss how we can help.