Your Perth Home Renovation Checklist

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If you’re considering any building renovations in Perth, there are plenty of things you need to consider before knuckling down to the actual work, such as plans, builders and contracts. Here at Nexus, we’ve put together a renovation checklist to make sure the job goes just that little bit more smoothly. You’re welcome.

Select A Reputable Builder

Your first port of call is to find a registered builder with a good reputation that you feel you can work well with. A good builder will be able to take care of permits, and walk you through the entire process of your home renovation in Perth, giving you confidence that your vision will come to life.

Focus On The Plans & Materials

When it comes to the plans for your new build, make sure you fully understand them. You’ll also need to ensure that all the materials you need are included in the plan.

It’s important to have a firm idea for what you want as a layout too, as only you know what works for you and your family in terms of flow.

Understand Your Contract

Speaking of paperwork, make sure you thoroughly understand your contract before signing. Take your time reading the contract, and talk to your builder about any queries you may have. Some questions you might want to ask include whether the contract is recognised by the Perth building industry, and what the cost of the deposit will be.

If you make sure you cover these renovation checklist points before the build begins, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth, successful home renovation in Perth.

Here at Nexus, we understand the importance of client, builder relationships and pride ourselves on trust and transparency to ensure stress is kept to a minimum on your renovating adventure. Contact us today.