Modular VS Traditional Home Building Methods

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There has been much debate over the benefits of modular and traditional home building methods, with both utilising very different construction styles. For Modular, it’s all about indoor building in a factory setting, with products transported to their new location, whereas traditional building revolves around on-site construction.

Traditional Benefits

This classic style has long been a common and trusted building method, and a popular choice when it comes to building extensions in Perth. Traditional building provides the most robust, flexible and long-lasting homes, and has been tried and tested over generations.

Conventional building also lends itself better to urban areas, which can cause obstacles for modular homes. For example, if you’re wanting to build in an area with a lot of power lines it could be difficult to deliver the home to the building site, which may result in escalated fees. In this case, a traditional build makes more sense.

Modular Benefits

Modular builds are steadily growing in popularity, their convenience and affordability a major benefit. Most modular homes are considered more affordable compared to conventional ones, and incur less associated expenses during the construction process. This is of particular benefit when it comes to renovations, and are a key reason behind the rise of modular extensions in Perth.
Another major upside is that construction times are never delayed by climate. As modular homes are built in a factory environment, the building remains on schedule, no matter the weather outside.

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