7 Tips to Make the Most of a Perth Home Renovation

Planning a home renovation project is always an exciting time for a homeowner. All the changes you’ve been looking forward to may finally begin to take shape.

The truth is, a Perth home renovation is not something you do every year, so it’s important that you make the most of the project to begin with to ensure you don’t leave anything amiss.

This article provides 7 tips to help you make the most of your home renovation in Perth,

Discover your style

Everyone has a different opinion of what a house should look like, so it’s crucial that you style it the way you want. Consider making a list of the colours, shapes, and components that you love and hate in a home so that the finished product will meet all your expectations.

Style covers every facet of your house, from the doorhandles and light switches to window fixtures and skirting boards.

If you would like some inspiration, check out Our Project Gallery.

At Nexus Homes, we have expert interior stylists who can assist you with finding your personal style and will advise you on the best options.

Before charging headfirst into styling your house renovation, you should also consider your limitations. For some other key considerations in preparing for a home renovation, take a look at a previous article titled ‘Steps When Preparing Your Perth Home Renovation’.


One of our full home renovations in Cottesloe – more photos available here


Maximise space

When undertaking a home renovation in Perth, you should maximise the interior space as much as possible. Whether the project you envisaged includes a home extension or not, there are a few ways to create additional space.

Some common methods include:

  • Higher ceilings – this won’t increase floor space, but rooms will appear larger, and any hanging light fixtures can be kept out of sight.
  • Sliding doors – some rooms and hallways may benefit from a sliding door to minimise the doors intrusion.
  • Wide entrance – if your house permits this, a wider entrance can make the main entertaining areas feel larger and improve the flow from room to room.
  • Remove some walls – depending on the structure of the house, removing a wall or two is a great way to open your floor plan.
  • Built-in shelves – Consider creating more room for storage with built-in shelves in a hallway, under stairs, above the laundry bench, within the kitchen island or around the TV.

When consulting with one of our home renovation designers, they can advise the best ways to maximise the space in your home.

Consistency is key

When you have a design style in mind for your Perth house renovation, it’s crucial that it carries throughout the home, or pairs well with other rooms that may vary slightly. The finishes, fixtures and colours should complement each other when moving throughout the house and even outdoors.

You may like this home renovation in Perth that utilises a Balinese themed style throughout.

A Nexus second storey addition and renovation in Bicton – more photos available here

Ensure Functionality

Pay close attention to what functional aspects you expect from your home as it is and consider ways that it can improve. A Perth home renovation is the best time to enhance the practical output of your house, ensuring it can meet all your needs as effectively as possible.

Consider the placement and number of power points in the house – will the kids rooms need a desk and laptop? Is there enough access for a vacuum to efficiently reach all areas? Does the TV or entertainment unit have enough power for any future additions?

The layout of the house is important too, especially when entertaining or serving. The common rooms should flow together and have easy access to the hallway and outdoor areas. Similarly, the kitchen should be easy to access from the dining room and outdoor dining setting.

Utilise natural light

The utilisation of natural light is a coveted commodity among Perth homeowners, and for good reason. Opening the house up to the outside can make a room feel bigger and should save you money on lighting and heating. Not to mention, large windows with a good quality film and an abundance of natural light can increase house value – according to Domain.

Some ways to improve natural light with a Perth home renovation include:

  • Add windows
  • Consider floor-to-ceiling windows in some places
  • Add a skylight
  • Glazed glass exterior doors
  • Remove a wall or furniture that obstruct windows

A Nexus coastal renovation in Falcon – more photos available here

Think about the future

No matter the stage in your life, a house renovation in Perth is something you may only do once – it’s important to get it right.

Think of ways that your family circumstances may change, whether the headcount in the home will be increasing or decreasing, and the likelihood of you selling or renting it out.

When it does come time to move out, you want to safeguard your investment by renovating to increase the value of the home.

It’s also a best practice to ensure your home is kitted out with the best materials and fixtures to avoid having to repair or replace in the future. Imagine if the floor material is a low grade, you won’t want to lift everything up to relay it in 10 years’ time!

Always use a professional builder

This is the most important tip of all – be sure to call upon an experienced and trusted Perth home renovation company like Nexus Homes Group.

We deliver Perth home renovations and second-storey extensions with exceptional quality and have all the experience required to help you optimise your project.

If you’re in Perth and ready to talk about your home, contact us today!