9 Popular Interior Styles for Renovations in Perth

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Renovations in Perth are a great way to reinvent your home and create a new lifestyle for you and your family. Some homeowners have a vision for their home, whilst others call on a professional designer for inspiration. Either way, renovations in Perth can take several forms, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular.


This fluid design style is the hardest to define as it blends various styles and will evolve over time. Contemporary is defined as ‘belonging to or occurring in the present’, which sums up this interior style to a tee. Currently, contemporary renovations in Perth might include abstract artwork, panelled walls, textured décor, and a deep, neutral tone throughout.

An example from the team at Nexus Homes Group is this home in City Beach.


Scandinavian styled renovations in Perth create a cool, Nordic wonderland amongst the warm, sunny WA landscape. There’s something to love about the minimalistic Scandi approach, which incorporates a smooth black and white theme. Modern variations of this style may include light-coloured timber amongst natural materials like fur and wool. Scandi renovations in Perth are simplistic, yet uniquely stunning.


scandi renovation

Mid-century modern

Traditionally the ‘mid-century modern’ design is based on the architecture and creativity which emerged through the middle of the 20th century (mid-1940s-1970s). Mid-century renovations in Perth focus on simple, yet functional and organic components. Clean lines, natural materials, and contemporary art are a staple of the mid-century modern design.

See more image examples from our Cottesloe home renovation.


If the name didn’t give it away, minimalist renovations in Perth are defined by a lack of excessive decorations. A typical minimalist home showcases sleek, simple lines and an onus on neutral colours. This usually means a blend of white, grey, and black – with a tasteful touch of accent colours. The function and form of each piece should be the focal point of a minimalist interior design space.


minimalist renovation



You can’t live in Perth and not be familiar with the coastal vibe of the Western suburbs. Coastal styled renovations in Perth are understandably very popular, no matter where the house is located. Defined by a light and breezy design, coastal embraces colours of the sea, sand, and sky. Natural materials dominate this design, with timber textures and frequent splashes of blue and green.

Explore this stunning coastal renovation in Perth.


The elegant provincial interior design style is seen less with renovations in Perth, possibly because its trickier to source the elements required. This sophisticated and classy design displays premium craftmanship with ornate furniture and heavy textiles. Premium silk and linen create a flow amongst the tough stone and gold finishes. The colour palette consists of light greys, creamy white, ivory, and dusty pink or blue.


Raw, industrial, and earthy vibes are the focus of industrial renovations in Perth. Often featuring exposed brick and roof beams, this design takes on elements of warehouses found in urban areas. Furniture is solely functional, and colours are muted but textured as if unrefined. Common materials include metal, leather, and timber. To add some creativity, industrial design suits small indoor plants, abstract art, and red or yellow accent colours.

Check out a Nexus project that provides some industrial styling here.


A rustic styled renovation in Perth provides a timeless, simple charm. This style is often categorised as a natural, almost rural and country vibe, including vintage and antique pieces. Materials aligned with a rustic renovation include raw stone and timber, natural fabrics, and anything with an earthy tone. Also popular are wildflowers to further enhance the natural warmth.

rustic renovation

Your favourite holiday destination

Completing home renovations in Perth has taught us that no homeowner wants the same as another. WA is a multi-cultural hub attracting people of many nationalities and thus, different interior design tastes. Some Perth homeowners want their house to remind them of home, whilst others have their favourite holiday destination in mind.

That’s what we helped our client achieve with this Balinese home renovation in Cannington.

Premium renovations in Perth

Add space, function, and style to your home with a designer renovation in Perth. Reinvent your whole house with whatever appearance you desire and improve space in the home with an extension or second-storey addition.

Nexus Homes Group has expertise and a reputation rivalled by few in the home improvement industry. Contact the team today if you’re ready to reshape the way you live.