Adding in a Little Luxury To Your Renovation

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Sometimes it’s the little things that matter – is your home feeling somewhere lacklustre? Whilst everybody’s idea of luxury looks a little different, an in-home wine cellar is the epitome of luxurious. It’s a fantastic wine to display that growing wine collection, allow guests to have a browse, and in our minds, is the definition of an opulent, contemporary home addition.


So, how can you add a wine cellar to your home without disrupting its current design? First, you need to find the perfect space. Perhaps there’s a spot under the stairs, an extra study that is begging to be turned into your dream wine cellar, or space in the basement or games room that rarely gets a look-in?

Look around your home before putting plans in motion, to ensure you have a good idea of spaces or rooms that could be transformed into opulent storage for those bottles of red scattered between cupboards and countertops. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, contact an expert to discuss the finer details of your installation.

Keep It in The Kitchen

Are you upgrading your kitchen with Nexus but don’t have enough space elsewhere for a wine cellar that will do your collection justice as well? Don’t worry, there are many different solutions to ensure you can display or store your wine perfectly in your kitchen space. From racks in pre-existing cupboards, to ensuring that the space you use has a glass front to show off your wine, to installing a rack in your kitchen or living area; Nexus is across every storage solution possible to ensure your wine is kept in great shape – and your space exudes luxury.

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