New Year, New Addition

2nd storey additions perth

For most people, bringing in the New Year often triggers a desire to re-evaluate aspects of their lives, be it personal goals, new challenges or just ticking a few items off the bucket list. At this time of year, you tend to look at your life and surroundings more objectively, and the beginning of a brand new year can suddenly make you feel that now is the time to do some tweaking. This life re-evaluation can often include the home environment – is your house providing all that you need it to at this current stage of your life? If not, then next year might be the perfect time to consider a renovation, with renovation timing being everything!

Perth and Renovations

Let’s face it, the people of Perth love their homes, and they also love their home additions. Sparkling new swimming pools, tricked-up outdoor entertainment areas and second-storey additions are all extremely popular among homeowners in Western Australia. There are so many benefits of upgrading and extending the family home, and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Upgrading a beloved home can provide a feeling of luxury and appointment without having to go to all the trouble and expense of moving house. You can add that walk-in robe (or pantry) you always dreamed about, or create matching his and her bathrooms. And why should you move – all the memories you have created are within those four walls.

Life is always changing however, and whether it be children on the way, teenagers wanting their space, or aged parents needing a place to stay, a home extension will provide all the extra living space you and your family will need. Not only that, but should you ever wish to sell, you will be increasing the resale value and number of prospective buyers by leaps and bounds – a two-storey home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms will always bring in more dollars than a single-storey three-by-one. It is also far less expensive in the long run to have a home extension than to move house completely. There is the huge stamp duty bill to consider, the time and resources spent finding a new home and an unfamiliar neighbourhood to get to know. Going to the expense of finding the perfect home isn’t necessary however – you can custom-design the house you already live in so that it provides everything you and your family needs and more.

So why is 2017 the perfect renovation timing?

At the moment, the Perth property market is as flat as a pancake, and while it is starting to show early signs of growth it is by no means the best time to consider selling your home. There are a plethora of houses across Perth currently for sale, with many having been on the market for months and homeowners being forced to dramatically drop their prices if they want to attract a sale. With the Perth housing market being the way it is, 2017 has never been a better time for property owners to consider home extensions.

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