Our New Services In Light Of COVID-19

Nexus Homes Group Headquarters


It’s no secret that the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been felt from all corners of the globe, with a devastating impact on the human race, as well as our economy.

Staying safe, keeping healthy and maintaining strong communication channels are all a priority for everyone at the moment, which is precisely why the team at Nexus Homes Group are changing up the way we do business in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Take a look below for some of the ways we’re introducing convenience, training and safer building techniques to keep things business as usual down at our headquarters.


Introducing Virtual Consultations


In house designers Karen & Cynthia assisting clients through virtual consultations.

With social distancing now a part of our 2020 lifestyle, we have recently introduced virtual consultations to enable our customers to communicate with us without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

We understand that life must go on, and if you’re considering a future renovation, second-storey addition or a new build, now is a great time to conduct your research.

By visiting our website you will now be prompted with the option to supply an ideal day and time for us to contact you with regards to a current or future project, with a range of virtual software options available to host the video chat.

If you still prefer traditional methods of communication, our team are always available via phone or email and we are also still offering site-visits in line with current safety precautions and social distancing protocol.


Specialist COVID-19 Training

Here at Nexus we take training extremely seriously across all facets of the business, and in light of the increasing risks to personal safety in these times of uncertainty, we felt it was imperative to up-skill ourselves to stay ahead of the curve.

As a result, our team have been undergoing COVID-19 Infection Control Training through the Department of Health. The course (originally suited to care workers) focused on understanding the best possible ways to maintain protection and safety protocol, whilst also training for the early recognition of symptoms, whilst also busting some common myths associated with the Coronavirus.

This accreditation has helped us to provide peace of mind to our customers, suppliers and employees by understanding and practising all forms of safety and managing risk when conducting site visits and managing all ongoing projects.

Just another step we’re taking towards ensuring our team are able to offer our clients the highest quality services in the safest way possible.


Our staff are now accredited in COVID-19 infection control training.

Social Distancing On Site And In The Office

Whether it’s in the office at Nexus Headquarters, out on site at our construction yard in Cockburn, or out at home residences for project consultations, we are respecting and practising all forms of social distancing.

Given we are classified as an essential service throughout the economy, we see this as an incredible privilege of still being able to offer our services to help everyone scope, quote and progress with their renovation or construction goals.

If you choose to have a site visit, you will find our team maintaining 1.5 metres at all times, whilst practising all elements of our recent infection control training through the Health Department, as safety for our both our clients and our staff  are always a top priority.



Our Modular Extensions & Builds

As covered in last month’s blog article, modular extensions and construction are becoming increasingly popular in the Perth market for a variety of reasons. If you’re unfamiliar with modular builds, this simply means we are able to handle large parts of construction at our controlled off-site facility, using the latest technology, best practice and equipment.

This means that our clients don’t need to worry about their houses looking like a construction site with multiple tradies walking around for lengthy periods of time, thus adding convenience to your renovation or construction project. In light of ongoing events, this is particularly attractive to customers who are isolating at home and wanting to protect themselves from external interactions.


Additional benefits also include;

  • Modular construction allows us to build your home improvement off site, reducing the health and time risks to your family.
  • Speed of construction is much faster since we have all the tools and facilities on site at our facility to keep things moving swiftly.
  • It’s a more affordable way to construct, with potential savings in budget up to as much as 30% for extensions or second-storey additions.
  • Completing construction in controlled off-site environments ensures our scheduling and workflows are more efficient in terms of time management.
  • It’s a greener option with less wastage produced from a more streamlined process.


These are just some of the benefits of modular extensions and construction, with a more in depth analysis of the benefits explored here.


Second-Storey Modular Extension
An example of one of our modular second-storey additions in Highgate.


Reinforced Supplier Networks

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has had an impact on the property market, and will continue to do so, however we have taken steps to safeguard our customers from potential delays or materials shortages.

One of our key strengths in the market is our established list of quality suppliers who ensure we always have the materials we need to complete the best possible job in the best possible time-frames.

We understand delays can be frustrating, particularly when working to strict time frames, so we have reached out to all suppliers to establish “pinch points” to minimise the risk of future shortages or project delays.

If you are currently in the research phase of a future project, it’s a great time to reach out for a detailed chat with our team of builders to start establishing your time frames.


It’s Business As Usual

The above measures are just some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure our services remain accessible, convenient and adaptable for our valued customers, helping us maintain a business as usual approach in light of current events. If you’re considering a renovation, second-storey addition or new build, now is the perfect time to begin the planning phase.

Feel free to contact us or book in a virtual consultation with our friendly team today to start the conversation and set the foundations for your next project.