Adding a Second Storey to Your Home

2nd storey home additions perth

If you’re feeling as if the walls are caving in on your family home, then you’re likely to have considered relocating to ease the pressure of a growing family. But have you ever considered a second storey extension for your family home in Perth?

Second storey extensions are undeniably a simple and secure strategy for getting that extra space your family needs, though it’s common for families to overlook this as a viable alternative.

Here are some of the reasons why a second storey could be the perfect home improvement project:

  • Adding an additional bedroom or living area to your home could help increase the value by thousands of dollars. Across Australia, adding a single bedroom can increase the value of the entire house to up to $95,000.
  • A second storey extension is the perfect alternative to moving out under the demands and pressures of a growing family, especially given the tough and unpredictable market conditions.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms are an ideal choice when it comes to home renovations and extensions, as it makes for a more comfortable, spacious, yet personal family living environment. But anything is possible!

Families have ever-changing needs, but unfortunately family homes don’t have ever-changing walls. What’s perfect for your family one day may be on the small side in a few years’ time.

But relocating is a massive task. The costs and fees, the stress and effort, and the time and energy of moving neighbourhood aren’t worth that little extra space in your new house. Plus, market conditions are tough and unpredictable, which means the risks of moving makes it seem more like a game of Russian Roulette than a walk in the park.

Don’t compromise on all the things that makes your existing family home so special. Whether it’s the neighbourhood and lifestyle, the brilliant architecture or the sentimental value of your property, adding a second storey will increase the amount of space you and your family have for a comfortable lifestyle.

However, adding a second storey needs to be done properly if you want to benefit in the long-term. Any kind of home renovations and extensions have to look seamless, as if they were part of the original build.

Plus, all home improvements should enhance the appearance and value of your home without creeping outside of your budget requirements. That’s why adding an additional second storey to your family home needs to be done by professionals who genuinely care about increasing the value and size of your home to your utmost satisfaction.

That’s why you should trust Nexus Homes Group as the professionals who will help your home grow alongside your family.

Our modern building techniques allow us to finish most renovations quicker than our competitors, which means your family can get back to enjoying their home in the nick of time.

Give us a call today (08) 9414 1789 and we’ll provide you with all the answers to your home improvement questions.

Nexus Homes Group will help you move onwards and upwards without compromising your family’s peace of mind.