Home Improvement Guide – Do’s and Dont’s

Swanbourne home renovation in Perth

These days, many people fancy themselves a handyman when it comes to fixing things up around their house or investment property. With a surplus of DIY home renovation shows on TV, it can be tempting to have a go ourselves, and as we know, home improvements are always popular in Perth. Here’s a list of do’s and dont’s giving you a home improvement guide to work from.

Whether it’s re-tiling the bathroom or installing a new kitchen sink, it’s often best to call a professional, however if you want to go it alone, it’s good to understand the pros and cons may be before embarking on your DIY journey. So if you are thinking of going it alone, here at Nexus we’ve put together some handy tips for you on how to go about it.


Firstly, it’s important to make a plan of attack. Always make sure you have a timeline so you can get things done in the right order. Nobody wants to lay that gorgeous brand-new carpet before painting the interior walls. If you’re looking at a potential investment property, consider any potential renovation traps that may be costly down the track.

Key issues can include structural damage to walls, floors and roofs, plumbing of old pipes, and the potential re-wiring of an older house. Factor these costs into your renovation budget from the very beginning.

In addition, make sure you conduct market research into the local area of the home. If you’re looking to sell, you’ll want to know if there are any potential buyers before going to the time and expense of your home improvement project.

When it comes to design, you will need to make sure you know what you want before you begin. Pictures of design layouts, colours or furnishings can go a long way in the planning process. If decorating isn’t your strong suit, you may want to enlist the help of a professional, such as an interior decorator.

With this home improvement guide you’re headed in the right direction and here at Nexus, we’ll work with you to get the final result you are after.


When it comes to home improvements in Perth, there can sometimes be potential pitfalls. Try to avoid cheap fixtures and fittings, for example – these days, buyers expect a higher level of quality than a do-it-yourself laminate bench top. You also want to go with the style of the house you’re renovating – a stark, modern kitchen may not be the ideal choice for a traditional colonial home, for example.

Similarly, you’ll also need to know when a lick of paint isn’t going to be enough – an experienced investor will be able to see any potential trouble-spots, so it’s always best to try and resolve any larger issues before committing to buy.

Finally, don’t forget to measure everything. It will come in handy when you’re buying new furniture, rugs, mirrors, window fittings – pretty much anything. Keep the receipts too.

For more information on how to go about home renovations or home improvements in Perth, contact one of the friendly team at Nexus today on 9414 1789.