Home Renovations In Perth – Latest Tools, Techniques and Trends

2nd storey additions perth

When it comes to home renovations in Perth, there are a number of tools, techniques and trends which are quickly gaining in popularity throughout the local property market.

The idea of upgrading your home is a lot more attractive to homeowners when compared to looking at moving to a new property altogether. Aside from the obvious cost differences, a renovation can achieve the result you want, without the hassles of packing/unpacking and moving to a new location which ticks all the boxes.

We look at some of the most popular forms of home renovations in Perth below, with a focus on what is trending and how these can help improve the liveability, functionality and value of your family home.

The Rise Of Home Renovations In Perth

Here at Nexus Homes Group, we have experience coordinating second storey additions, which are fast becoming an increasingly growing trend in Perth home renovations. This is specifically the case for families looking for more privacy, where the family is split between upstairs and downstairs to provide more break-out zones for household members to enjoy.

On the other end of the spectrum, basements are quickly becoming the perfect escape, serving as private spaces for visiting guests and work-at-home parents. Wood floors, white-painted ceilings and whitewashed walls brighten the area and lessen the underground feeling. Similarly, remodelled attics are also serving the same purpose.

Another key favourite is the ever-popular open-plan kitchen, with the connection between kitchen, eating and living space continuing to influence home improvements in Perth. Connected family and a cook that’s not isolated are just some of the reasons this trend continues to grow. Conversely, in the bathroom it’s all about separation, with separate bathtub and showering spaces now key.

However, perhaps one of the biggest influencers in home renovations is remodelling for accessibility. The preference for people to stay in their own homes as they grow old and their physical and mental abilities change has resulted in eliminating tripping hazards, such as transitions between rooms, and stairs, in favour of open designs that maximise mobility.

These techniques and trends of home renovations in Perth have also seen the rise and demand for eco-friendly and energy efficient tools, materials and supplies.

Are You Considering a Home Renovation In Perth?

If you’re in the market for a future project and are looking for a team of professionals with a proven track record of results, we welcome you to contact us for a quote to begin the conversation around how we can help you.