Kitchen Ideas For Your Building Renovation

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It’s been widely accepted that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Not only is it where friends, couples and families share moments cooking and creating, but a kitchen renovation offers the best return of investment when it comes to selling your home or getting it appraised. Having a kitchen that looks stylish yet is practical when it comes to bench space, appliances and storage, is critical to a person’s overall enjoyment of the home so it’s little wonder that this room of the house is often the first one tackled when it comes to building renovations Perth based and across the world.

Here we uncover the top trending kitchen ideas to help those considering a home renovation in coming months.

Textures & Materials

While every kitchen design is unique and can be as subtle or outrageous as the owner likes, there are noticeable trends emerging in the selection of materials used recently. Marble bench tops are back in fashion (although some would say it never quite went out) as it is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your cooking area. And now with options like marble-look laminate and even paint to create a faux marble effect on normal stone benches, having a “marble” bench is now in everybody’s budget. Another kitchen trend we are seeing is the mix of different textures, such as combining a marble bench top with a raw timber edge and cabinetry.

It’s All In The Detail

While recent years favoured kitchens with a sleek, minimalist look, Nexus and other Perth home renovation builders are finding that taking the time to focus on the small details that often get overlooked are paying off in a big way when it comes to a stunning kitchen. This includes replacing the standard stainless steel tap-ware with matte black or copper tap-ware that has small engravings on it, as well as more detail in the cabinetry around the kitchen now also featuring ornate handles to make the once-ordinary cupboard door a statement piece. Lighting is also getting more detailed and elaborate, with the standard LED lights getting replaced by detailed pendant lighting – the more detail the better for kitchens this year!


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Some of the kitchen renovations performed by Nexus, Perth’s leading home renovation builders

Coloured Appliances

For those who still prefer a timeless, fresh white kitchen, the addition of coloured appliances is definitely a trend to get behind. This can include matte black ovens through to pink or mint coloured fridges, with matching toasters and kettles to boot. This allows you to inject personality into your kitchen, and if you get sick of the colour, it’s as easy as selling the appliance and buying a new one, instead of having to rip out entire tiles or benches.

What’s Your Kitchen Need?

While there are many different styles and trends you can consider for your building renovation that encompasses a kitchen transformation, the most important consideration is ensuring that the kitchen meets YOUR needs. If the ability to cook large feasts with ease is your primary objective, then having a large kitchen with lots of open bench space is important, keeping in mind ideas such as different bench tops and appliances being within a 2-step parameter to each other, a multitude of powerpoints that are easily accessible and also a large amount of cupboard space for your different cooking utensils. Hidden storage for microwaves and toasters is very popular at the moment to achieve a clean-looking bench at all time, plus many home owners are now requesting multiple ovens to allow even more dishes to be created at the same time.

If you prefer entertaining your friends in your kitchen, having a large island bench with an overhang that allows stools to be placed underneath, built-in wine bars (or even a whole wine cellar) and lots of space for walking and mingling will be your main focus when it comes to a kitchen you can enjoy for many years to come.

Kitchen & Building Renovations Perth & WA

Whatever your need for the kitchen is, it’s important to remember that a kitchen renovation, just like any other building renovation, can be much more complicated than expected and it’s important that the job is done correctly the first time to prevent expensive fixes having to be made later down the track. If you’re looking for a home renovation builder in Perth that can design you the perfect kitchen based on your style, purpose and budget, contact Nexus today for your free consultation.