A Little Natural Light Goes a Long Way

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Let’s face it, living in a house that has plenty of natural light bouncing around inside it makes us feel good. It elevates our mood and makes any home seem warm and inviting, even if the weather is chilly outside. But what do you do if your house is a little on the dark side, even if it has just been freshly renovated? There are several easy ways you can help brighten your interior spaces – after all, they don’t call it a trick of the light for nothing.

Choosing a Door for Natural Light

To get things rolling, don’t choose a front door that is solid wood. Instead, make sure it has plenty of glass panels fitted into it to allow the natural light to shine through. The glass can either be clear, or frosted if you prefer a little privacy.

Window Treatments

Adding new windows or installing larger ones in dark rooms can provide the same effect, and take care to choose translucent window treatments in lighter colours rather than heavy drapes that block out the sunlight. Translucent shades that are semi-sheer will allow for privacy without completely eliminating the light, and will give your interior rooms a soft glow.

Surfaces for Natural Light

An extremely simple and cost-effective solution is to use reflective surfaces to bounce light around a room, such as large mirrors on the walls. Placed either next to or opposite a window, mirrors will also provide the added benefit of making a room appear larger.

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