Taking Your Home To The Next Level – Adding A Second Storey

2nd storey home additions perth

Do you currently live in a single storey home but are looking for something bigger? Maybe when you purchased your current home the budget could only stretch to cover one storey, so you downgraded from your dream home. Or perhaps you built your home with the hope of one day adding an extra storey and having more room for the family.

Many singles, couples and families buy or build a home with the hope that they will have enough space or that the urge to add an extra storey will go away – but the reality is a little different. Here at Nexus Homes, we’ve found that two storey homes are perfect for families and couples: the extra space combined with the potential for more privacy leads to a more comfortable, spacious home.


For those who live near the beach, river or a nature reserve in Perth, great views and beautiful natural light are just a few more reasons to add a second floor. For singles and couples who don’t have kids, adding a second storey is the perfect way to plan for the future – or to create extra space for a craft room, study, or the ideal spacious dining room to throw dinner parties in.


So, how does it all work? Nexus Homes Group specialises in helping people build up: that is, add a second storey to their home. As soon as you make the decision to create an extension, the talented designers get to work creating the perfect design for your new second floor: from making sure identical materials are used to ensuring a seamless addition that will look as if it has always been part of your home.


Nexus Homes can design and build a lightweight, modular design or a more traditional brick ground floor extension – no matter what your requirements are, the team are equipped to help you find the best solution. Adding a second floor extension is a much less stressful alternative to finding a brand new home for your needs, and by adding on extra rooms and space the value of your home is going to increase significantly.


Investing in a second storey extension allows you to boost your home from good to great, from okay to perfect. So why not take your home to the next level? Add on those extra bedrooms, a craft room, or some extra living space.


Nexus Homes specialises in second floor additions, and our highly experienced and friendly design and trade teams are passionate about working with you to create your ideal home. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all in your hands. Give us a call today on 9414 1789 to get the ball rolling and find out how you can improve and expand your home.