Preserving Charm In Mid-Century Home Renovations

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After establishing a long history of delivering premium home improvements over the years, there is no question that we love the challenge of reinvigorating properties of all shapes and sizes. There is nothing more satisfying than delivering a high standard of product whilst exceeding client expectations, so when we first came across this mid-century home renovation, we just couldn’t wait to get started.

The term ‘mid-century’ refers to the specific architecture, design aesthetic and furniture used in properties from the middle of the 20th century, so the challenge of these renovations often comes from the ability to introduce modern materials and styles without losing the charm behind the original property.

Here’s how we approached the challenge.


The Design Brief:

To breathe new life into this dated coastal property by introducing a series of mid-century inspired styling alongside a contemporary aesthetic. With a plan to transform the house from a ‘dated’ property to a mid century beauty, the home also needed to ensure that the property design provided a comfortable and functional layout to suit the family needs, without sacrificing on space and accessibility. It was also important for us to consider the style of the Cottesloe property elements prior to us beginning work on this mid-century home renovation.


The Challenge:

To renovate the property in such a way that presented the perfect fusion of both mid-century styling and modern, contemporary design, whilst keeping the house functional and suited to family living. Working with mid-century styles meant that we needed to follow a specific set of guidelines when we presented designs to the client. This included materials, furniture styles and architectural practises that enabled us to preserve the charm of this fantastic Cottesloe property. The home’s layout also included a series of narrow hallways and corridors to work with, so we were mindful of our designs taking this into account.


The End Result:

Both the client and our team were thrilled with the final outcome on this unique mid-century home renovation. What was once a tired Cottesloe house thrived into a modern, free-flowing home that presented the family with a fresh new layout and high quality finishes.

From the front facade to the open plan kitchen area, the renovation helped to introduce light into the property which helped introduce vibrancy and energy to take full advantage of the surrounding coastal location. Our team of renovations experts made sure to keep the character of the property whilst introducing modern architectural designs and styles to make better use out of the internal layout.

This included careful selection of tiling, flooring and high quality furniture to bring new light to some of the feature points of the home, including the open plan kitchen and living room, as well as the bedrooms, stairway and upstairs study.

 home renovation cottelsoe nexus homes group

We set out to revive the sense of vibrancy and style for this coastal property. 


home renovation cottelsoe nexus homes group

A fresh new look: Our mid-century inspired home renovation 


home renovation cottelsoe nexus homes group

The original property was in desperate need of more natural light. 


Mid-century home renovation in Cottelsoe - Nexus Homes Group

Blending the kitchen, living room and outdoor area in perfect synergy.


Mid-century home renovation in Cottelsoe - Nexus Homes Group

A modern staircase taking with a twist on mid-century renovation style.


home renovation cottelsoe nexus homes group

Free-flowing, open plan living at its finest.


home renovation cottelsoe nexus homes group

Creating a sense of peace from manicured gardens and quality decking.


We are huge fans of the open plan styling used to really make full use of the main living areas, as well as the new outdoor decking and landscaping to help revitalise the back garden. We welcomed the challenge of this mid-century home renovation and not only was the client extremely pleased with the results, but our team were wrapped with the final result.

View the entire custom Project in the photo gallery


The Key To Successful Mid-Century Home Renovations

When it comes to renovating mid-century styled properties, it pays to do your research. Thanks to the power of the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to research previous trends and styles to look into the best options for maintaining the legacy of your property before adding new contemporary elements.

For example, our Mount Pleasant mid-century custom home provides some useful insight into blending modern luxuries with energy efficiency, whilst using polished concrete ceilings, stone walls and five different types of cladding to create a sense of contemporary luxury within a mid-century design.

Decisions made on design aesthetics such as colour, shapes, patterns and textures can make a huge difference to the overall feel of the property, and through some simple research, you’ll begin to hatch some fresh ideas. By carefully selecting the right materials, you can introduce a blend of history and character alongside contemporary elements, with materials such as brass, chrome, exposed brick and wood elements always being popular choices.

Don’t Forget Your Systems

One factor often overlooked with mid-century home renovations is the failure to include home systems in the plans. By this we mean your property’s roofing, electrical systems or plumbing. Dated properties often have systems that are over 50 years old, which may be in desperate need of upgrading to avoid future issues, as these systems are often expensive to repair.

Don’t get caught up in the internal aesthetic of your renovation and remember, it’s also the parts you can’t see which are the ones worth factoring into your plans.

Need A Quote?

If you’re exploring options for your upcoming renovation project, we welcome you to contact us today for a design consultation to explore the best options for your property. Given the challenges behind working with mid-century properties, it often pays to bring in an expert with experience in delivering home renovations across a range of budgets, styles and properties.


Matt Keogh
Director | Nexus Homes Group