The Rise Of Second Storey Additions in Perth

The Rise Of Second Storey Additions in Perth

Second storey additions in Perth are one of the most popular types of home renovations as they come with a host of benefits and advantages compared with other forms of home improvement.

It’s no surprise that as we progress through different stages of life, our needs and wants begin to adapt and mould. These changes can be minimal adjustments to your current lifestyle, tastes or preferences, or they can be something more significant – like your living conditions. You may require more space or want a new addition to your property to support your changing lifestyle, and one of the best ways to address this is by adding a second storey to your current property.

We explore some of these reasons below, whilst also providing an overview of considerations to think about before embarking on a second storey project.  

Reasons Behind Second Storey Additions in Perth

Going up is often the perfect solution for those who love their home’s location but are also restricted by their block and land size. It’s also the perfect solution for those who don’t want to sacrifice their backyard.

A lack of space is often an issue in changing or growing Perth households, and homeowners are increasingly looking to add to their existing property rather than looking to make the move elsewhere. We explored this rising trend (and more) in our article A Prime Time For Home Renovations In Perth.

The extra space is often needed for growing families, guests, storage, or even changes to your lifestyle requirements. Whilst a second storey can address the need for more space in your home property, other common motivators behind second storey additions in Perth include;

  • Needing space for new lifestyle facilities such as a home gym, office or studio.
  • Creating more functional living spaces to get the most out of your property footprint.
  • Wanting to add more value to your property by adding more rooms/storeys.
  • Capitalising on better views and gaining more access to natural light.
  • The construction methods you choose – such as a modular build for example.



One of Nexus' second storey additions in perth
One of our Nexus second storey additions in Mt Hawthorn – View gallery

The Affordability Of Adding A Second Storey

There are always cost implications with any home improvement project, however second storey additions are one of the most cost-effective home renovations you can do. There are a variety of factors which determine the overall cost of adding a second storey including;

  • The degree of project difficulty like access and the property style/configuration.
  • The types and styles of rooms that are being added to the property.
  • The quality of the materials, fixtures and fittings being used in the project.           

Second storey extensions are often more affordable than ground floor extensions as they rarely require investing in additional foundations for your existing property. Extending upwards means you immediately save on specific costs such as excavation, formwork and concreting.

Addition associated costs like council approvals, labour and engineering requirements are all often cheaper with second storey additions in Perth too – making it a popular style of home improvement.

Considerations Before You Get Started

The idea of a second storey addition may be daunting at first, however with the right research, planning and considerations from the start, you can fast track the process to ensure you get exactly what you want from the project – some of these include:

  • Checking local council regulations and guidelines to ensure you have council approval before beginning any renovation. This is particularly important for character homes of a certain age as these often have specific criteria and guidelines to follow.
  • Getting the foundation of your property assessed by a registered, reputable builder to ensure your foundations are strong enough to support the weight of adding in a second storey addition as you may need reinforcement to your ground floor slab.
  • Planning the layout you want whilst being realistic with available space, budget and orientations to ensure you have factored in space to fit the stairwell within your design brief.

“The key to transforming a house into a contemporary masterpiece is having a clear vision of what you are trying to do achieve in terms of design and functionality. It’s all about pushing the boundaries to create something truly unique.” – Matt Keogh (Director | Nexus Home Group)

The Benefits Of Going Second Storey Modular

Homeowners looking to embark on a second storey addition in Perth can also experience further savings from using a modular style of construction method.

The enables the majority of the construction work to be carried out off-site in a controlled environment with access to premium machinery and working conditions, which ultimately results in a less cost due to it being a faster process.

Going modular can in fact cut the disruption and stress of building a second storey by up to 75%!

The team at Nexus pioneered modular home improvement here in Perth and it is one of our unique points of difference in the marketplace. Modular builds ensure homeowners benefit from faster delivery times and better-quality builds whilst enjoying the convenience of their extension or addition being lifted into position by a crane when ready, as opposed to having their home turned into a construction site for the entire project.

Want to know more? Check out our article Modular Extensions – A Growing Perth Trend which covers off more benefits and advantages from the modular process.


Modular second storey renovations in Perth
Another second-storey Nexus renovation – View gallery

Second Storey Additions in Perth – The Nexus Difference

When it comes to second-storey renovations in Perth, the team here at Nexus have the expertise, experience and track record to deliver a quality outcome in each and every project we undertake.

Our focus is always on creating the perfect family homes for our clients and we thrive on providing customer service that is second to none. Some of our other points of difference include:

  • An experienced team with over 20 years’ experience in Perth renovations.
  • Licensed, experienced and qualified tradespeople with an eye for detail.
  • Tailored customer service with our Director actively involved in every project.
  • A committed team who will always go the extra mile to ensure quality and satisfaction.
  • A collaborative approach to customising your second storey addition in Perth.
  • Our 10-Year Major Structural Guarantee that guarantees our premium work standards.

If you’re in the market for a second storey addition in Perth, we invite you to contact us to experience the Nexus difference.